Batteries and Supplies

Batteries and Supplies


We provide variety of accessories for your hearing needs, including batteries for your hearing aids and earmolds.At sound hearing and balance we offer batteries for all hearing aid makes and manufacturers. We also offer a battery mailing program for those who prefer to receive their batteries by mail.  There is no shipping charge and you pay only for the hearing aid batteries.  Contact us through this website or call to have your batteries shipped to you.  And check this page often for battery promotions!

There are only four sizes of hearing aid batteries and they are designated by color as well as number. All manufacturers of hearing aid batteries use the same color coding system to designate the size of the battery. You only need to remember if your battery color is brown, orange, yellow, or blue.  This color is displayed on the battery packaging and on the sticky tab you peel off to activate the hearing aid.

There has been a recent change in how hearing aid batteries are made. The manufacturers have removed all of the mercury from the batteries. This is good for the environment but it has an unfortunate side effect on hearing aid battery life. The older mercury containing batteries activated very quickly once you peeled the tab off the back.  Now the mercury-free batteries activate slower.  So you must wait at least 60 seconds after peeling the sticky tab before inserting the battery in the hearing aid.  Failing to do so will reduce the battery life by about 30%.

Hearing aid batteries are button-type batteries. Most people are familiar with these in their watches and toys. When these batteries are used in hearing aids, people are shocked at how short the battery life is.  Those small batteries are powering a microphone, an amplifier, and a receiver in addition to the digital circuitry in that small hearing aid. With the advent of newer technologies, including wireless hearing aids and those that interact with your smart phone, hearing aid batteries can last as little as seven days.

One common misconception about hearing aid batteries is that larger batteries last longer.  That is usually not the case.  Larger batteries are used in hearing aids that require more power to operate.

Your audiologist will work with you to find the best circuitry with the best battery life for your hearing needs.

Accessories and Supplies

In addition to batteries, at Sound Hearing and Balance, we provide battery testers, battery storage, hearing aid drying kits, as well as devices that can interface with your hearing aid or work independently to help you hear the television or on the telephone.

Contact us to find the best battery and accessory solution for you!

Ear Plugs

Ear plugs come in different colors and made for different purposes.Also available from Sound Hearing and Balance are custom-made ear plugs to provide hearing protection for work and recreation.  These include ear plugs for musicians and for swimmers.  Swim plugs can be used by people who must keep water out of their ears because of ear tubes or other ear problems.   They are also useful for people who just don’t like to get water in their ears! These colorful custom earmolds can be used for hearing protection during recreational activities like motorcycling, working with power tools, or by those who have partners that snore.  Talk to us to find the most appropriate custom ear plug for your needs.